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What Men Want In A Woman… REALLY Want!

Here’s how to understand what men want in a woman, without feeling confused or lost!

Men don’t want a challenge, but they do want to be challenged!

Let me explain this.

Actively trying to make yourself a challenge will only leave a guy interested in the chase. And when women make guys obsessed with the chase, the guy loses interest in the woman he’s chasing soon after he’s “caught” her

Alternatively, being a challenging woman implies a sense of continuity, rather than becoming a single challenge which once completed becomes boring.

So how do you be a challenging woman?

Answer: What men really want is a woman with her own life.

What a man wants is to know that he is being fitted into your weekly planner, rather than you giving up everything and going to set up camp in his!

I can’t stress this enough, in men’s minds it is unattractive if after only a brief time with him you give up the rest of your life (friends, family, hobbies) and replace them with him.

But take note – this is absolutely NOT the same as the old idea of “playing hard-to-get”.

Why hard-to-get doesn’t work…

Playing hard to get is only an illusion of independence, which will quickly vanish after the ‘chase’ is over.

Hard-to-get only teaches you to pretend to be an independent, interesting and confident woman, instead of truly being one.

Looks aren’t enough!

A common misconception from women about what men really want is looks. As I said before, guys reserve their deepest level of respect and attraction for those women who are independent and confident in their own life, with or without a man. Remember, when a guy is attracted solely by looks, he has then formed in his mind a singular challenge.

If anything happens it will have been on the basis of physical attraction solely, and therefore the guy will have completed the challenge of getting the woman, who he is only physically attracted to, rendering the woman much less worthy of attention.

Perhaps this is why many men may have one-off flings with much younger girls, but the same men have a much deeper sense of desire and attraction for more mature women; often significantly older than them, with whom they often enter into more meaningful and passionate relationships founded on their attraction to the woman’s independent and challenging nature.

Remember, confidence and independence is sexy, people-pleasing, being needy and fake isn’t. True confidence and independence will keep you sexy for a long time to come, but it needs to come from within. The power to be what men want is, and always has been, within your grasp.

Are you ready to have the love life you want? And understand what men want once and for all?

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  1. Sage says:

    Been married – currently a commitment phobic. Not sure how practical is for me as an American in Florida. Agree with the standards and am working on my stuff. Really busy with my life right now though I’d like to attend one of your seminar. Agree with some of your stuff and some of it makes me wonder. Anyway, thanks.

  2. Joy Imonikhe says:


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  5. Hno says:

    Can I know why men stop talking to me after seeing my pic? It happens to me twice

  6. ca says:

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  7. Cherry Chao says:

    Are law students really “undate-able”? Because when men learn that I am a law student they just go away.

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  10. cornellia says:

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  12. gge says:

    a guy texted me asking out.
    I said that if he come in 10 minutes I will go out with him. I thought that this would have been challenging and interesting.
    He did not come and did not text me again.

  13. Tina says:

    Apart from physical beauty, men want a woman to cook, have sex on demand and not have an opinion.

  14. David says:

    Please women note that this information suggests the thought process of a very specific man, the type of man that consciously sees you as a conquest. Do you really want to understand a man like that so you can seek him out.

    Some of this stuff is somewhat correct as a generalisation to all men, but i think it looks at our thought process as being a female with different goals. I can only speak for myself, but i’d say there are many men that would agree with me. I don’t seek a woman in which i can identify and independent or challenging nature, it’s so not about the traits themselves, it’s the effects seen in you personality that matter. I guy doesn’t want an independent girl because we can tick that box, we look for a girl that doesn’t cling to us all the time and expect us to do the same. So the source of a behavioural characteristic is less important, the characteristic itself is what is important and what occurs to us.

    One of the most important misconceptions i’ve seen women have about men is that we function the same as a woman in a mental sense. Men don’t think, we feel. Now that might sound contradictory to the stereotypical stoic male persona, but what i mean is that we don’t usually have conscious thought guiding us, it’s much more readily, conscious sensations. An example of the top of my head being, we don’t think something like “hmm, i feel hungry, i guess i’ll go get something for lunch”, we just get the singular feeling telling us “hungry”(not even as a word, just sensation) so we respond to that feeling and go find food. That manner of thinking applies to many of our thought processes about things we experience in life. So really, we don’t interact with a girl and think “okay because she’s doing that she feels this way and she’s thinking this and she’s that type of girl”, no, we just think “i like when she does that” or “i don’t like when she does that”. Guys are basically just really simple straight forward in our seeking a compatible mate, each aspect of you we either like it or we don’t or it’s just “meh” and doesn’t really matter either way to us. Anyway i could talk about this kind of stuff for hours, but i’ve ranted for plenty now, so i’ll stop, and again everything i’ve said i believe to apply to almost all men, but i can only truely confirm it for myself.

  15. Chris Collins says:

    Here is another article about what men really want but doesn’t really say the real truth about it. I mean no offense to the writer but I am kind of wondering if this was written by a man. Sometimes there’s just too much generalization and wrong conclusions made about us men and it’s sad.

  16. Samuel says:

    As a man. After reading this I got a question. Was this written by a woman? Or is this geared to one type man? I will give a little insight to a man. No matter what year it is. How much time has pasted. A man is still a man. Look research what roll nature placed a man in. Test it with your next man an see how much he is drawn to you. Think of the story of the scorpion an the frog. Its so true. No matter how much knowledge we have or how much we try to change. From the second we was born nature play’s a large roll in our subconscious mind. And in yours.

  17. Elizabeth Cole says:

    You really give a clear male perspective women can relate to. Refreshing. I’ll remember these tips! Thank you.

  18. hithere says:

    So well written! You broke down the mystery all women struggle with understanding into something so clear and straight forward. Nice. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

  19. Sara Meyer says:

    Wow! Thank you!!!! This just totally changed the way I think about men:)

  20. my babe babe says:

    It’s really a cool and useful piece of info. I am glad that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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