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Fall in Love With Your Life [Love the Journey: Part 2]

I get asked a lot of tough questions – from how to attract amazing guys, to why they disappear, to what say to get a commitment – and after coaching women for years, I have no trouble answering them…

But there is one question that is, surprisingly, the toughest of all for me to answer: “Where do you live?”

With all of the traveling I do for my live tour, I’m rarely in the same city for a week at a time.

But no matter where in the world I am, the moment I step on stage to coach thousands of women like you, I’m HOME.

And that’s what happiness is all about, isn’t it? Loving your life right where you are…

This week’s video blog is the second part of my mini-documentary series, “Love the Journey.” In it, I take you with me to New York City as I prepare for my live event there.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! x


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7 Flaws Every Woman Should Look For In A Good Boyfriend

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Not all flaws are made equal.

When you think of the bad habits of your previous boyfriend, you probably remember all the things he did that added to your stock of daily frustrations: his laziness, his lack of commitment, his indifference to your friends and family, his increasingly unhealthy attachment to the women who live in his computer screen.


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Why Is It So Hard To Meet Men?

By Stephen Hussey

For a while now I’ve repeatedly heard a similar question:

“Why is it so hard to put the advice I hear into practice?”


“When it actually comes to meeting guys I see, all the confidence flies out of my head and I freeze. What can I do to get over this?”


The Number One Most Attractive Trait – Do You Have IT?

There is ONE trait that makes any person magnetically attractive…

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A Man’s Favourite Three Words In A Relationship

By Stephen Hussey


You get in a fight with your guy.

You start taking chunks out of each other.

You’re both saying things you might regret later, but damn it you’re mad!


The Real Secret to Keeping Your Man

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So what’s the problem?

Now that you’ve actually got him, you’re worried you’re going to lose him.

What if he realizes you’re not good enough for him?

What if he finds someone prettier than you?

What if he abandons you?

Wait, before you become racked with insecurity and jealousy, watch this week’s video. In it, I reveal the real secret to holding onto any man – even if you secretly think he’s out of your league…