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You Can’t Be Happy In Love If These 3 Things Are Missing

Stephen Hussey

We’ve seen plenty of images of love to know what it feels like when it’s good. Love is being able to talk for hours and never get bored. Love is spending all day in bed eating Chinese food and feeling like it was a day well-spent. Love is actually caring whether or not his parents and siblings approve of you.

But how do you know when it’s doomed? Or when being in love isn’t enough to keep you in the relationship?

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You Keep Me Going [Love the Journey: Part 4]

It’s 5am on a cold, wet Toronto morning…

My alarm buzzes in my hotel room and wakes me from my fitful sleep. My throat is sore and my body aches, and it doesn’t feel like the antibiotics are helping at all. I want to just pull the covers over my head and shut out the world until I feel better. But I can’t… I’m in Toronto for my Matthew Hussey Live tour, and I have four media appearances – 2 radio shows, co-hosting a TV show, and a magazine interview – followed by the sold-out 6-hour live event.

“Just getting through it” is not an option. I have to deliver my best no matter what. So what inspires me to push through and give all I’ve got (and more)?

That’s what this episode of “Love the Journey” is all about, so I’m dedicating this one to you…

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He Thinks Other Women Are Hot? Before You React, Watch This…

What should you do when you find out your guy is sexually attracted to other women?

It’s only natural that you would feel jealous, but is his behavior a deal-breaker? The answer is simple, and I give it to you straight in this week’s episode of LOVELife... 

Men Are Simple, But Not THAT Simple!

Stephen Hussey

“Men just want sex. Sex and sandwiches.”

That’s what the mainstream want you to believe.

And in part, they’re right. I want both those things (albeit in different measures).

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1 Trick to Demolish Your To-Do List

In today’s video, I’m going to teach you one surprising yet totally effective way to trick your brain into getting more done in one day than you do in a week, and I want you to try it out…

If you accept my challenge, not only will you enjoy a sense of accomplishment and purpose for burning through your priorities at lightning speed, but you’ll actually feel like you’re on holiday right in your everyday life. This is going to be rewarding and fun, so don’t miss out…

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Awkward! How to Deal When You See Your Ex

You broke up with your ex. It didn’t end well. What do you do or say when you run into him? The trick is prepping beforehand so you are “emotionally fit” when you see him again. Do this and you’ll not only tackle the awkwardness head-on, but you’ll also feel pretty fabulous about yourself. I show you how in  this week’s episode of LOVELife... 

Everyone Is Perfect When You’re Falling In Love (+ Two Cures For “Romantic Blindness”)

Stephen Hussey

I become an idealist every time I fall in love.

I’m convinced I’m a Greek hero who has been lucky enough to win the heart of Aphrodite, that I must be the envy of every man in the world for having been able to entrance such a goddess and hold her attention.

Luckily, psychologists have increasingly said this might be a good thing.

According to current research, most successful relationships will be comprised of two partners who both harbour what are known as “Positive Illusions” about each other.

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Come Celebrate With Me + A Special Treat Just for You…

In this week’s video blog, I’m announcing my upcoming Matthew Hussey Live tour dates and telling you all about how to be a part of it. I also have a special treat for you, a never-before-seen clip from the tour we did earlier this year to give you a taste of the amazing day of insights, fun, breakthroughs and use-it-now advice you can expect.

So watch this quick video and click through at the end to get your tickets while they’re still available.

>>Grab your tickets here before they go

I can’t wait to celebrate with you!


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Does He Want a Long-Distance Relationship? How to Find Out

Mary has been on three great dates with an amazing guy. The only problem? He’s moving away. She wants to try a long-distance relationship but doesn’t know where he stands. Should she bring it up, and if so, how? I answer this tricky question in this week’s episode of LOVELife... 

Benjamin Franklin Didn’t Have A Life Plan ­– Neither Do I…

Stephen Hussey

I handed in my PhD two weeks ago. I’ve just now arrived back from my victory-lap vacation in Cyprus. Now I have to figure out my future.

Or do I?

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