How to Make a Man Want You for MORE Than One Night

If you want to understand how to make a man want you, then read this quick story right now…

Tom was getting freaked out.

He had only met Amanda a week ago. Now they were in his bed making out, taking each other’s clothes off. But that wasn’t the part that freaked him out. That was the good part.

What was more strange was what Amanda was saying to him. At various points in between kissing she kept asking, “Are you going to see me again after this?”

Needless to say, it totally pulled him out of the moment. He wasn’t sure what to respond, mostly because it had only been one or two dates. He didn’t really know her well enough to say what was going to happen.

how to make a guy want you

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He “Ghosted” You? 3 Tips to Feel Better Fast

If I had to guess, over 7928753 women have now asked me what to do when a guy ghosts you.

Ghosting is when a guy you’ve been dating suddenly disappears: no messages, no phone calls, no tearful goodbye – just gone forever, never to be seen or heard from again.

Sounds brutal? It is.

In this week’s blog video, for the first time, I’m going to tell you my essential rules for responding to a guy if and WHEN you get ghosted (though here’s hoping you never do).

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How To Get A Guy’s Phone Number In LESS Than 3 Minutes

Stephen Hussey

On Saturday night I did something I’ve never done before…I went to read a book, in a bar, alone. 

I’ve read alone in coffee shops, but never a bar.

I had been out partying the night before, so wanted to keep things low-key. I went to see a movie, and then stopped by the fashionable gastro pub about thirty seconds from my flat.

I ordered a glass of wine, sat down at one of the wooden tables with a burning candle stuck in an old gin bottle, and opened my Italian novel to read in the cozy lighting…alone. It was as pretentious as it sounds. The only way I could have looked more pompous would be if I were smoking a pipe and wearing a turtleneck (I was in a sweater, if you must know).

And then…


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The Counterintuitive Productivity Hack You Can Use Every Day

I am a lazy person.

Yep, it’s true.

People assume you must have to be some kind of natural super-human productivity machine in order to run a successful business. But you don’t. Believe me.

In this week’s video, I’m going to show you how you can get more done in your busy schedule, EVEN if you feel like you have a full calendar and can’t fit more in. I’ll give a hint: Deadlines are your friend

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Dating As a Numbers Game

Stephen Hussey

Quantity in dating is increasing, but is quality?

A recent Inc. article talked about the importance of meeting quality people in business networking. The argument goes: It matters who you choose to interact with more than simply how many people.

My suspicion is that our general overestimation of the importance of quantity explains why dating apps like Tinder prove to be such a let down for people. They always promise MORE, but they don’t deliver MORE and BETTER.

Dates might be easier to come by as a woman when you’re getting swiped by every bro-dude out there who wants to meet someone for the night, but we rarely consider the opportunity cost of all that time spent filtering through the slush pile of available singles with whom we have nothing in common (other than both having a Tinder account).


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3 Things to Never Say to a Guy

If you caught my video blog on Sunday, you know I promised a surprise was coming that would change the way you flirt with men forever, and here it is:

I’m giving you an entire chapter of my bestselling guide, How to Talk to Men, for free!

I’ve never given away a whole chapter of a program before, but I see how important this topic is to our community and I want to help.

BUT first…

Before I teach you what TO do when flirting, I need to show you what NOT to do:

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The #1 Flirting Mistake Women Make With Men…

Do you know what the #1 flirting mistake women make with men is? You won’t believe it. This videos shows what it is and exactly what to do instead…

Ever find when you meet a REALLY cute guy it’s impossible to flirt and just be yourself?

It’s a common scenario: You see that guy you like from across the room.

Your eyes meet his and he smiles (god, he looks adorable when he does that). Ok, he’s walking over to your group, it’s showtime… what do you SAY to him?!

In this week’s video, I want to share the biggest flirting mistake women make when they meet a guy they really like. Then I’m going to show you in 3 minutes how you can turn that guy you like from a friend into something more with just a few magic words.

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What Your Response to Rejection Says About You

Stephen Hussey

I remember approaching a woman once when I was younger and getting the coldest response ever.

Before I could finish a sentence she just turned away and loudly said “NO”, without missing a beat.

I felt particularly stupid given that I had only spoken to her in the first place because my friend encouraged me to take the chance. I quickly wished he hadn’t been so persuasive.

Yet… what stood out the most from this incident was the way my friend enabled me to shrug it off afterwards. Rather than make me feel like a loser, he said, “Wow, I can’t believe you did that!” and said how impressed he was that I had the balls to do something so confident (even if at the time my self-esteem had been crushed hard into the ground).

Maybe you’ve had friends like that. Be grateful when they come.

Because let’s face it: How great would the world be if everyone felt 5x more willing to fall on their face?


Getting Rejected in 2016

In 2016, our private successes and failures are matters of public knowledge. At least among our friends.

If you declare your intentions on Facebook to start a business in January, you can be certain that your followers and “friends” will be lurking in secret waiting to see whether you’ve failed by December.

It’s schadenfreude on steroids, because now even that school friend you haven’t spoken to in 10 years can get a ringside seat and join in with the smug self-satisfaction others feel when you screw up.

The only mistake you can make here is caring (and spending too much time on Facebook).

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What It Really Means to Be a High-Value Woman

I wouldn’t be anywhere near the person I am today without my mum.

It’s easy to forget the sacrifices someone made just for us to be here now, able to live, think, work, and enjoy the relationships around us.

But as I see it, today isn’t only about mothers.

In fact, I have a special message for ALL WOMEN, and if you have 3 minutes to spare today, I’d love for you to take a look and let me know what you think…

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When to Say Yes, How to Say No

Stephen Hussey

My friend from Germany calls me on the phone, his accent as jaunty and upbeat as ever, “Hello Steve my man!”

“Hey Julian!”

“I’m over in London for 24 hours tomorrow. So am I gonna see you?”

The way he says this always makes me laugh. I can hear the excitement in his voice.

“Well… I have a deadline end of this week. But yea, why not? Lunch somewhere?”


I know. It all sounds pretty ordinary. But I used to be terrible at this sort of thing, by which I mean juggling work and play.


If I had a deadline, for my PhD, for a book, for a creative project, I would go into ‘cave mode’, shutting off just about everything in my life, almost as a masochistic self-inflicted punishment, like I had to pay my penance and live in isolation like a Jesuit monk in order to get anything done.

It took the better part of my twenties to realise that this was no way to live.

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