“Matthew is a genius whose magic needs to be shared with the world.” - Eva Longoria

Win the Argument AND Win Them Over – 4 Techniques

Look, anyone can “win” an argument. Hurl enough insults at a person and eventually they’re going to give up. But when you care about someone, isn’t the goal actually to influence them to see your perspective and come to a meeting of the minds?

Today I’m handing you 4 elegantly effective techniques to get your point of view across in a way that is certain, passionate and compassionate at the same time. Not only will you win, but you’ll win people over.

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“Set Up” on a Date? Say This…

In this week’s episode of LOVELife... I take a great question from a caller who’s been set up on a date by her parents. How can she make an impression and show interest, she wonders? The first step to building attraction is creating curiosity. I explain how to intrigue him and leave him wanting more (this is advice YOU can use on any date – blind, set up or otherwise!)…

The Strange But Obvious Way To Sound Like A Smarter Person In Conversation

Stephen Hussey

Recently a good friend of mine started giving a strange answer to my usual string of random questions about philosophy, dating and life.

It’s an answer I don’t hear very often.


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The Surprising Way to Become Instantly More Attractive

I get it….  You’ve all had a good laugh at my botched spray tan. (In case you missed it, watch last Sunday’s blog and check out all of the negative comments on YouTube).

Now you may think that type of thing gets me upset, but it doesn’t. It used to, of course – I’m only human. But being in the public eye, I’ve learned a few things about overcoming negativity and bad energy, and I want to share them with you today…

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2 Quick Tips to Trick Your Brain into Being More Productive

In this week’s episode of LOVELife... 

Ugh. You wake up in the morning and instantly you’re overwhelmed by the thought of all you have to accomplish that day. What do you do? Wait — before you pull the covers over your head to escape, I have 2 quick tips that will motivate you to have a super productive day. Instead of hitting “snooze,” watch this instead…

Two Ways To Escape Choice-Paralysis

Stephen Hussey

“Imagine you were now dead, or had not lived before this moment. Now view the rest of your life as a bonus, and live it as nature directs” ­– Marcus Aurelius

I’ve always liked the idea of living as ‘nature directs’.

But going with your intuition, your talents, your gut, your feelings, always feels like a risk.


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Don’t Make This Mistake When You Spend the Night

You had an amazing date with your new guy. The candlelit restaurant was so romantic, you talked for hours about everything, the wine was flowing, you could barely keep your hands off each other in the cab and, before you knew it, you were waking up the next morning at his place.

As you were about to leave his apartment, though, that blissful feeling suddenly gave way to sheer panic –

Will he think about you after you’re gone?

Will he call?

Will he want to see you again

But wait –Before you “accidentally” leave that necklace behind on his nightstand, heed my warning:


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Use This Script Tonight: The 3 Minute Phone Call

How do you keep in touch with a new guy in between dates? If you’re relying solely on texting, you’re missing out on your chance to create a real connection. In this week’s episode of LOVELife I’ll show you the magic of the 3 Minute Phone Call and hand you the script of exactly what to say…

THIS Gets Him Addicted to You Forever…

Imagine how amazing it would feel to have the man of your dreams completely addicted to you…

So that every time he leaves you after a date all he can think is, “I have to see her again”…

I am going to teach you how to make this happen by using “The Bliss Point”…

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Master Your Relationships Doing THIS Once Per Week

In this week’s episode of LOVELife I’ve got a quick tip that will make an enormous impact on your relationships with the people who matter most in your life. It’s simple to implement, yet it will make your loved
ones feel amazing (and you’ll feel pretty incredible too)...