One Direction – The “Perfect” Guy (Parody) – Bloopers

So…it looks like even though my One Direction video came out less than a week ago people have already been asking for bloopers.

Well screw it, why not?

Disclaimer: I tend to get a little goofy and mentally unhinged when I’m shooting videos into the wee hours. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! ;)


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Does He Love Me? What You Need To Know About Men

It’s the old playground story.

You sit picking daffodils, tearing away each petal and repeating the words, “he loves me…he loves me not…he loves me”.

Except now you’re not eight years old. You’re a grown adult in a relationship and still wondering when he’s going to express how he really feels.

It’s the “I love you” moment that comes in every relationship. He calls you his girlfriend. You spend all your time together. You’re always thinking about each other and you constantly can’t wait to tear one another’s clothes off. You’ve met each other’s families. It’s clear this is for real.

You know your heart belongs to him now.

But does he feel the same?

This is the question that plagues so many women.

Does He Love Me
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Matthew Hussey + One Direction? OMG How Did This Happen?!

Ok, I have no idea why I agreed to this.

I can’t sing. I can’t play guitar.

And yet…

I’m not gonna spoil it. Just trust me when I say you HAVE to watch this video right now!

Ever wanted to know why boy bands like “One Direction” drive women everywhere wild? It’s pretty crazy, but I think I’ve found the answer.

Let’s just say, in an effort to reveal men’s secret desires, I’ve decoded some of the genius hidden messages that boy bands now use to manipulate female behaviour.


Learn THE TRUTH now – Here’s How “One Direction” Has Tricked Women Everywhere…

Apart from laughing at my dance moves, I really want to know: What are your thoughts on the message of this video? Do you agree with it?

Just this once, I ask that you don’t tell me here… Please let me know your thoughts in the video comments on YouTube!

I’d love nothing more than if you could take 30 seconds to share your thoughts and help me spread awareness about these boy bands and their sneaky mind tricks ;)


Matt x

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Dating Advice For Women – If You’re Single, Read This…

There’s tons of dating advice for women that seeks to give you complete list of rules for every scenario.

But in this post, I want to make it easier. I’m going to share with you some simple but POWERFUL principles that I believe all single women can benefit from.

These are just a few of the biggest areas where women can make small changes that will have a HUGE impact on their success with men (as well as revealing a few major pitfalls along the way!).

If you’re single right now, this is where to start…

Dating Advice for Women of All Ages:

Don’t get addicted to one social group – It will limit your supply of new men!

So many women who say they are looking for love still hang out with the exact same friends week-in week-out, and then wonder why they don’t meet anyone new.

Your priority in socializing should be twofold right now:

(1)  What’s going to be fun?

(2)  Where am I likely to meet more single men?

Dating Advice For Women
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What Are You REALLY Working For?

Enough already!

It’s time to put an end to the stigma… What stigma? I’m talking about “work-shaming”.

These days, the world is always trying to tell us that we’re just not productive enough, that we lack work ethic, or that we need to take our career ever more seriously.

But has this gone way too far?

In this week’s LOVELife, I decide it’s time to stand up to this message and decide to put an end to the cycle of misery and anxiety caused by the “work-shaming” advocates. Watch this video, and take on the freedom that comes from setting your OWN expectations, instead of everyone else’s.

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I Gave Up Coffee And Tea For A Month – Here’s Why It Wasn’t Complete Hell…

Stephen Hussey

I’ve been trying out one of those teeth-whitening courses for the last month, one of the unfortunate side effects of which is that I have a “no-go list” of food and drink that aren’t allowed to pass my lips during this period.

The rules include:

  •  No coffee
  •  No tea
  •  No red wine
  •  No “colorful” foods

By far the hardest of these has been ridding myself of coffee and tea.

Although I’m not one of those people who find themselves unable to function in the morning without their daily caffeine intake, I am preposterously dependent on hot drinks for a warm pick-me-up-feel-good sort of pleasure.

It’s not a necessity. I just really like coffee and tea.

Chugging from a cappuccino or clutching a freshly brewed mug of tea is one of my small pleasures that gives the day colour and shape. I drink several coffees a day, a tea before breakfast, and often make a trip out to some local shop to get a latte just to break up long bouts of working at my desk all day.

Yet, when you’re actually forced to quit something you’ve come to rely on, you immediately notice just how much a part of your life it is.

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How To Make A Guy Want You In The First 60 Seconds

I’ve been surprised in dating how much that job interview rule applies: you probably know whether someone is a good fit within the first minute.

When you introduce yourself and begin talking on a date, you’re saying a lot about yourself in those crucial initial 60 seconds.

This is especially true nowadays thanks to the prevalence of internet dating apps, which have made it ever more likely that you won’t have spoken to a guy in person when you first meet up with him.

So here are five things you must know immediately if you want to win a guy over when you meet up with him:

1. Men are drawn to women with a joy for life

Do you greet him warmly? Do you smile and show you’re excited about the date? Do you seem like someone who has a passionate life?

A guy is noticing all these things when you introduce yourself.
How To Make A Guy Want You

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The #1 Way To Respond to His Sexual Texts

Picture this. A guy sends you a sexual text.

It’s a bit too dirty and inappropriate considering you haven’t known him very long. Maybe you could ignore it. Or you could get mad. You think of the best way to write down your thoughts in a text message. But you never seem to get the right tone. You want to tell him it’s not cool, but you don’t want to seem too bothered by it.

Basically, you just want to tell him to slooww down.

Check out this ONE ridiculously simple but powerful text to deal with the situation.

Once you send him this, he’ll not only stop what he’s doing but he’ll want to be more of the kind of man who pleases you and be begging to be back in your good books. Keep watching all the way through, because at the end of the video, I’m going to show you even more of my favourite texting secrets that seduce and attract men every single time. Think of this as a very early Christmas present you can use whenever you need to know what to do next to keep him hooked.

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Is Dating Different in Your 40’s?

I get SO many questions from women in their 40’s and 50’s who ask me whether my advice would work for them.

And I always wonder: why not?

Of course I understand that ageing is an anxiety that all of us secretly face and worry about, especially when it comes to dating. But does that really mean that the same rules no longer apply once we hit 40?

What is it about turning 40 that makes life so different? Is it that a 40 year-old wouldn’t flirt and go on dates? Is it that you can’t find good men once you’re 40? Is it that 40 year-olds live in some alternate universe where the rules that apply to 20 and 30-year olds no longer work?

Maybe I’m being dumb and naiive here, but I don’t believe any of those things. But I’d like to hear from you women on this issue.

If you have an opinion, ANY opinion at all about dating in your 40’s and beyond, please make sure you watch this episode of LOVELife and share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Are Your Goals Making You Miserable? Use These 3 Steps To Get Inspiration Back…

Stephen Hussey

I think the root source of so much unhappiness in the world stems from us buying into value systems we don’t need to.

Whether the relentless pursuit of money, good looks, fame, the need fufil whatever values your parents hold, or getting caught up in acquiring the respect of a crowd who aren’t worth the time or energy to impress in the first place.

These pursuits can become our entire lives if we allow them to. We work and work and wonder why we still feel miserable even when we’re achieving our goals. This is usually because we are moving forward on the wrong things.

Here are three steps to getting out of this self-imposed misery:

 1) Seek your own mentors

Find people whom you admire, but also those who share values that matter to you. Look at examples of people who have been successful or happy doing what matters to you.

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